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Ease your dog's separation anxiety with daily exercises that focus on desensitization.

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A Proven Method

Desensitization is a type of behavior therapy that can be used to treat separation anxiety in dogs. It involves gradually introducing a dog to the situation they are fearful of, and increasing the exposure until the dog is no longer triggered. This process helps the dog to create a positive reaction to the previously feared scenarios and can reduce their anxiety. Over time, the dog can become desensitized to the situation and more comfortable with being separated from their owner. This treatment can take weeks or months depending on the severity of the anxiety, but it is an effective form of therapy in alleviating the fear associated with being left alone.

Calm My Dog INTRO

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Find a Starting Point

Use the Calm My Dog app to determine your dog's baseline. A baseline is the amount of time your dog can handle being alone without becoming upset.


Create a Scenario

Set up a scenario that focuses on the environment you're going to train your dog in. You can create multiple scenarios so you can train your dog wherever and whenever.


Start Training

Follow step-by-step instructions that will ease your dog's separation anxiety. The app's algorithm uses the data from your previous training sessions to create new ones tailored to your progress.


Calm My Dog creates a daily training plan based on your dog's baseline. All you have to do is follow simple step-by-step exercises that will keep you and your pup on track.


Each of your training exercises is logged in the app's History tab. Never forget when your last session was and track your dog's progress.

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